Girl by The Sea 2



Natures Cleaners…

white_backed_vulture_landing_Z4F6941_800-300x126  Perched high on a crag,                                       
                                legs poised to spring,                             
hearts beating wildly                                          
                                       as we take to the wing                   
catching warm thermals,                                  
                                                   to float on thin air,                         
        taking breath quickly,                                                  
                                            hardly any to spare                
Now is the time,                                                     
                     wings spread out wide
                             a smooth operation,                           
                        to bank as we glide.                                    
Flowing the motion,                     
as fluidity is key,                                      
we land, we devour,  for Vultures we be…


Endangered Species

Rüppell’s Vulture or Rüppell’s Griffon Vulture (Gyps rueppellii) is a large vulture that occurs throughout the Sahel region of central Africa. The current population of 30,000 is decreasing due to loss of habitat and other factors. Rüppell’s Vulture is named in honour of Eduard Rüppell, a 19th-century German explorer, collector, and zoologist. Rüppell’s Vulture is considered to be the highest-flying bird, with confirmed evidence of a flight at an altitude of 11,300 m (37,000 ft) above sea level.

Happy Ending…

blackcat11.gif picture by LadyPenelopeGranger

Hortense, (the Young White Witch)
Magic  (the Black Cat)
Morris (The Spider, Says he’s King of The Spiders)
High Wizard Roland (High Wiz for short, tho’ he was TALL)
Velma (Dark/Black Witch, we don’t like her)
Minnie (the Dwarf, also a Witch but of indeterminate colour) )
AoSCaF (the Association Of Spell Casters and Familiars…)   A group who distrusted Hortense for her strength of magic.

Story so far, in a nutshell, or spider web, type of thing.
Hortense was banished from Magic Dell Village, along with Morris, and Magic her familiars, (two of them , which gave her powers/spells extra Oomph!!!)  and this really was the reason, she was too strong. They (AoSCaF) had to band together to match her and they felt vulnerable.  So, she found herself a new abode, and was quite happy, until Velma showed her true dark nature, stole the villagers souls using The Magic Lantern. High Wiz had managed to evade her dark grasp, ending up at Hortense’s new home, asking  begging (Hortense says)
for help.  So, they (Hortense, Morris and Magic) are in a dream spelled sleep, trying to get the Magic Lantern back from Velma’s bony fingered grasp.


Hortense was totally tense and ready for anything.  Magic the Cat held tight to her shoulder, with Morris the Spider (King Morris, if he was to be believed) hanging on, web-wise, to her hat brim.  They were in the World of Dreams and it was dangerous. Should they be taken by the Magic Lantern and Velma’s Dark spell they would be lost forever,  as their earthly bodies would shrivel and die.   Finding the Black Witch, wasn’t really the problem, it was keeping away from the Golden Beam of the Magic Lantern, for it would suck out their souls and they’d be lost.  A ‘short finding’ spell came to mind, (‘cos it was close by,  if it was further away, ‘twould‘ve needed a ‘longer finding’ spell) and it magicked Hortense  to the only Mansion in the village, (High Wiz’s house) quite a large property, and Hortense would’ve loved to have peeked into every room,  just to find Velma’s whereabouts of course, not to see what High Wiz’s taste was like.  Loud laughter showed Hortense that Velma was in residence, it could only be her as every other poor soul was taken. 

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Best Laid Plans…

        “Come in,                                                   
                                                    sit down,                                                                             
                                                         we’ll talk                                                                    
                                                    over your plan”                                          
                           so I sat, as I listened
                    to the officious looking man.
      He seemed unfazed by my frowning face
his cheesy smile fixed,  almost super glued in place.
”Can I stop you there” I was rude enough to say,
                                      for his manner was odd,
         thus making me sway.    
The room became darker                           
as painful words sank in,                                                         
like tiny daggers, aligned,  strangely making
me grin.                  
For pain can be a friend, adjusting senses from a tilt.               
I ceased falling, I was safe, he was backing me to the hilt.
My Plan was effective, there was no doubt.
And the Plan?  For me to know,
                                     and you?        
           To never
find out.        

I have no idea, at all, where this came from, or what is means precisely, I just went with the flow, and the flow brought me a question, which I assume will never be answered.  Rightly so methinks.   🙂  xx



six out of seven

Rainy Day…

It just rained,
a sweet falling
gentle and renewing
wetting the earth and me.
Now the sun shines
peeking from clouds
hiding, almost playful to see. 
There was rain,
now blue sky and sun 
my garden grows 
I share with everyone.


My name is not important ,
the Ancient Stranger said to me,

Please sit for a time,  under this spreading tree,

So I sat down near beside her and wondered for a while,

about the sparkle in her eye and the brilliance of her smile.

Her large round face was kindly, so no fear did I feel,

but as her words enfolded me,  my mind began to reel,

with all the information that from her mouth did pour,

including my life ‘til now, and my heart, it did soar.

I wondered at her knowing,
what was important to me,

and pondered why she told her tale under the spreading tree,

Was I near Death? Was I being warned to mend my wicked ways?

She made me feel quite guilty, at how I spent my empty days.

‘You have a choice’’ She told me, at the ending of her tale

‘But you must tread a new path, and you must not think to fail,’

AT this She rose from her seat
and from her belt did take

a set of keys, so ancient, and offered ‘Take them now, for pity’s sake.’

With all that She had told me, spinning quickly through my mind,

I grasped at what I understood, and found it hard to find

any words of Sympathy for Her own life’s journeys end,

As I was her chosen replacement, Custodian of Gaia, Worlds friend.

She clasped me to her bosom,
then sighed as She let go,

“You are my daughter, walk your path, your wisdom it will grow,

Use the keys wisely, helping lost souls on their way,

Keep the World forever safe, don’t make me regret my choice this day.”

With that She turned about her, and slowly walked away,

and it suddenly came to me,  I was on my own from this day,

MY Choice, MY task, any mistake and surely I would  fail?

but then, that’s another story,
as this is the ending of my tale.


LadyP © 2010