Where Angels Fear To Tread..

I have a problem, and that problem is me. I jump in before I think things through. As in creating a second blog, which I opened completely separate from my original WordPress one.  Trouble is, once I’d raised it I found the best way to have a second site is to add it to the original through My Blog, top bar, Register a New Blog.  Oh My…I then panicked and deleted the site and apparently the use of the email address attached to it…I hope I haven’t created problems for myself.

The idea occurred ‘cos I wanted to tinker with themes and widgets, and anything else really, without doing any lasting harm to my Poems ‘n Stuff original Blog… Note to self…Think before you act!! but then, that’d change me …wouldn’t it?

Lady P


3 responses to “Where Angels Fear To Tread..

  1. Cute…join the club. 🙂

  2. I think I did the exact same thing!
    We’re on very similar paths at different times, I think…

    • hi Sir Aquatom, not many people find my second site. and yes, many roads we travel… and many sights we see,…(not breaking into song, just ruminating 😉 ) … Hello fellow traveller. xx Pen xx

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