The Page Turneth,

The Page Turneth


4 responses to “The Page Turneth,

  1. This Gif, makes me wonder, about life and death, about what’s in store and whether or not you can ‘change’ what might be written in ‘pen’cil on the pages of your life… Maybe everything is pre-ordained, but I hope not.. .for where is free will? Where is the need for reasoning?…and does this mean that a murderer was born to do so?.A thief etc….the list of questions is endless. Ad infinitum?…
    I want the use of an eraser for my life… to be able to ‘rub’ out and start again, with fresh hope…to change my mind if needs be. Maybe that’s a forlorn hope…but we are human and we learn by our mistakes, so maybe that’s what’s written, …to be continued?…

  2. and the Page Turneth…gives me a feeling almost like dread. What if it ceases to turn? Will you know about it…Will your faith help you take the transitional step to your own personal Nirvana? Is your faith enough? or do you have o be extra special, in thought and deed? What if you have been set a personal task and you fall short. So many questions, and no certainties, but then isn’t what what Faith is all about, a belief without proof.
    I tried since a child to follow a certain path, to help rather than hinder anyone, to smile rather than frown, to think the best of anyone and not the worst. I’m not perfect, quite the opposite, I feel I’ve fallen short of any goals I may have set myself.
    This painful time with Bess, almost two days without her, feeling the gap she left, just worrying that we’ve never really been apart for more than a few hours, that she wouldn’t understand and my heart felt bruised.. These days have been the worst in my life, and I have some some really bad experiences, (but then haven’t we all?) I know she’s a dog, she’s an animal, but she’s part of my family group, she’s special to me… Does this make me a bad person, to put so much emphasis on our bond? … I know many people will laugh at my pain, my own brother has said in the past when I’ve said I can’t leave Bess to go on holiday, only gone places which take dogs… She’s only a dog, he said …ONLY
    No she’s my Bess. and our story is not done.

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  4. I’ve no idea if I should have found this or not, it is linked on your main blog, that is how I got here.

    The reason I write is that I’ve been a dog owner and lover all my life. Each and every one of them still lives on in my heart and mind, I could name them all, anytime. I know I loved them all and hope they felt something for me. They are the best of friends, they are the best of companions, they are definitely NOT, just dogs! They steal your heart without you even noticing.

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