Déjà Vu?…


Did you hear that?…
turning quickly round
as if speed would help
capture the sound,
to try and trace
the source of unease , as if something strange
had come to squeeze,  the air from your lungs
as you catch your breath,
can noise really scare
you to death?
You search for clues, did something break?
has a picture fallen for goodness sake
Did a door slam, did the stairway creak?
you find nothing, though you still seek
for something earthly bound to cause
the way your heartbeat’s set to pause.
You check upstairs, downstairs too
you’re in a state what should you do?
Then you see it, ‘tis there in the shadow 
giving you chills deep down to the marrow.
You try to scream but,…
you awake…
‘twas only a dream for goodness sake,
you settle down and close your eyes
until suddenly to your surprise,
you hear a noise…
spin your head round,
to capture the source 
       of the unearthly sound…….
Deja Vu?….you too?


2 responses to “Déjà Vu?…

  1. Mine are rather ‘quieter’ affairs–but startling nonetheless.
    Feeling compelled to inquire if you’d care to share a glass of Moscato…

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