My name is not important ,
the Ancient Stranger said to me,

Please sit for a time,  under this spreading tree,

So I sat down near beside her and wondered for a while,

about the sparkle in her eye and the brilliance of her smile.

Her large round face was kindly, so no fear did I feel,

but as her words enfolded me,  my mind began to reel,

with all the information that from her mouth did pour,

including my life ‘til now, and my heart, it did soar.

I wondered at her knowing,
what was important to me,

and pondered why she told her tale under the spreading tree,

Was I near Death? Was I being warned to mend my wicked ways?

She made me feel quite guilty, at how I spent my empty days.

‘You have a choice’’ She told me, at the ending of her tale

‘But you must tread a new path, and you must not think to fail,’

AT this She rose from her seat
and from her belt did take

a set of keys, so ancient, and offered ‘Take them now, for pity’s sake.’

With all that She had told me, spinning quickly through my mind,

I grasped at what I understood, and found it hard to find

any words of Sympathy for Her own life’s journeys end,

As I was her chosen replacement, Custodian of Gaia, Worlds friend.

She clasped me to her bosom,
then sighed as She let go,

“You are my daughter, walk your path, your wisdom it will grow,

Use the keys wisely, helping lost souls on their way,

Keep the World forever safe, don’t make me regret my choice this day.”

With that She turned about her, and slowly walked away,

and it suddenly came to me,  I was on my own from this day,

MY Choice, MY task, any mistake and surely I would  fail?

but then, that’s another story,
as this is the ending of my tale.


LadyP © 2010


2 responses to “Custodianship…

  1. Or the beginning.
    Yes, I surfed the link you left for another to here.
    I’m funny that way.
    wink wink
    nudge nudge
    wicked wicked one indeed….

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