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Happy Ending…

blackcat11.gif picture by LadyPenelopeGranger

Hortense, (the Young White Witch)
Magic  (the Black Cat)
Morris (The Spider, Says he’s King of The Spiders)
High Wizard Roland (High Wiz for short, tho’ he was TALL)
Velma (Dark/Black Witch, we don’t like her)
Minnie (the Dwarf, also a Witch but of indeterminate colour) )
AoSCaF (the Association Of Spell Casters and Familiars…)   A group who distrusted Hortense for her strength of magic.

Story so far, in a nutshell, or spider web, type of thing.
Hortense was banished from Magic Dell Village, along with Morris, and Magic her familiars, (two of them , which gave her powers/spells extra Oomph!!!)  and this really was the reason, she was too strong. They (AoSCaF) had to band together to match her and they felt vulnerable.  So, she found herself a new abode, and was quite happy, until Velma showed her true dark nature, stole the villagers souls using The Magic Lantern. High Wiz had managed to evade her dark grasp, ending up at Hortense’s new home, asking  begging (Hortense says)
for help.  So, they (Hortense, Morris and Magic) are in a dream spelled sleep, trying to get the Magic Lantern back from Velma’s bony fingered grasp.


Hortense was totally tense and ready for anything.  Magic the Cat held tight to her shoulder, with Morris the Spider (King Morris, if he was to be believed) hanging on, web-wise, to her hat brim.  They were in the World of Dreams and it was dangerous. Should they be taken by the Magic Lantern and Velma’s Dark spell they would be lost forever,  as their earthly bodies would shrivel and die.   Finding the Black Witch, wasn’t really the problem, it was keeping away from the Golden Beam of the Magic Lantern, for it would suck out their souls and they’d be lost.  A ‘short finding’ spell came to mind, (‘cos it was close by,  if it was further away, ‘twould‘ve needed a ‘longer finding’ spell) and it magicked Hortense  to the only Mansion in the village, (High Wiz’s house) quite a large property, and Hortense would’ve loved to have peeked into every room,  just to find Velma’s whereabouts of course, not to see what High Wiz’s taste was like.  Loud laughter showed Hortense that Velma was in residence, it could only be her as every other poor soul was taken. 

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