Déjà Vu?…


Did you hear that?…
turning quickly round
as if speed would help
capture the sound,
to try and trace
the source of unease , as if something strange
had come to squeeze,  the air from your lungs
as you catch your breath,
can noise really scare
you to death?
You search for clues, did something break?
has a picture fallen for goodness sake
Did a door slam, did the stairway creak?
you find nothing, though you still seek
for something earthly bound to cause
the way your heartbeat’s set to pause.
You check upstairs, downstairs too
you’re in a state what should you do?
Then you see it, ‘tis there in the shadow 
giving you chills deep down to the marrow.
You try to scream but,…
you awake…
‘twas only a dream for goodness sake,
you settle down and close your eyes
until suddenly to your surprise,
you hear a noise…
spin your head round,
to capture the source 
       of the unearthly sound…….
Deja Vu?….you too?


A Halloween Tale…



Let me tell you a story of a room with no view,
the windows are boarded, it’s door is locked too
no way can you enter this dark scary place,
as a man so alone wants to see no-ones face.


For many long years he’s lived locked inside
this room with no view, this place he can hide
deathless, seemingly immortal, he waits in vain
for his one true love, and it’s driven him insane


She left him heartbroken, no backward glance
She left him without pity, no second chance
Little did she know, he knew where she’d gone
he’s waiting for vengeance, as her only child lives on


This child has grown. a young lady of means
she bought the house outright, totally unseen
She was excitedly viewing it, from top to bottom
BUT one door was locked,  a lost key forgotten


He waited for a chance to catch her alone
some friend had been there, now they’d gone,
As he heard her footsteps outside his room,
he whispered silently, “You’ll be with me soon”


I know no more of this unhappy tale
but the neglected house is again up ‘For sale’
Mayhap the Dark Room is still locked away
but could there be two who inhabit it today?


LadyP ©2010


Valuable Words…


LadyP © 2011

Rewind Option?….


Would that we could
have a button
marked rewind.
I promise I wouldn’t
use it all of the time,
Only when needed
in emergency say?
Trouble is
I’d have
each and every day!!

LadyP© 2011

My Girl


Today I awoke to hear a couple of barks, My girls usual welcome to me of a morning, and before I was fully awake I smiled, …then realisation dawned and I was cast down into a chasm of despair…Tears are never far away, but smiles at her remembered antics usually pull me back from the brink…but this morning has put a dark cloud over the day…a stormy cloud I can’t quite get out from under…


There are many roads to travel, but the best one, is the one leading homewards..

Homeward Bound……

AS the plumed waves rushed towards the shore,
under the gaze of the desolate moon,
the ghost ship sailed on one quest more
it’s path lit by the moonlights gloom.
Many long years they’d sailed the seas,
Done evil things they’d forever regret
ignored all their victims plaintive pleas,
until they were cursed to never forget.
For a hundred years they served their time,
kept from life, forgetting it’s pleasure,
no crumb could be eaten, water tasted like brine
only thus could they pay full measure.
They traversed the seas by starlit charts,
long gone worlds had died to light
the way to their final resting place,
The ghost crew would find peace tonight…….
LadyP © 2010