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Best Laid Plans…

        “Come in,                                                   
                                                    sit down,                                                                             
                                                         we’ll talk                                                                    
                                                    over your plan”                                          
                           so I sat, as I listened
                    to the officious looking man.
      He seemed unfazed by my frowning face
his cheesy smile fixed,  almost super glued in place.
”Can I stop you there” I was rude enough to say,
                                      for his manner was odd,
         thus making me sway.    
The room became darker                           
as painful words sank in,                                                         
like tiny daggers, aligned,  strangely making
me grin.                  
For pain can be a friend, adjusting senses from a tilt.               
I ceased falling, I was safe, he was backing me to the hilt.
My Plan was effective, there was no doubt.
And the Plan?  For me to know,
                                     and you?        
           To never
find out.        

I have no idea, at all, where this came from, or what is means precisely, I just went with the flow, and the flow brought me a question, which I assume will never be answered.  Rightly so methinks.   🙂  xx